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Men’s Health Magazine explores nighttime vision problems

nighttime-drivingIt’s always exciting when major publications engage readers about eye health. Because our office focuses on providing exceptional eye care over a person’s lifetime, chances are that many people will some day experience vision troubles at night.

In the below article, Men’s Health discusses how the cornea interacts with the eye’s rods and cones in a normal situation, but the article also touches on medical conditions that should be observed, documented and treated – such as dry eye, cataracts, or retinitis pigmentosa.

“A little degradation is normal,” Dr. Taylor, contributer to the magazine, writes, “but if you have significant trouble seeing at night, you should make an appointment with your eye doctor.”

If you are experiencing night time vision problems, please call our office to schedule an eye health appointment. Our office accepts many types of vision and medical insurance plans, and we are happy to review your coverage.