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How to Keep Glasses in Top-Notch Condition

Picking out the right frames and lens is a deep reflection of personal style and vision needs. We know the importance of keeping glasses in proper working order, so Dr. Bell has put together the following educational tips:

 1. Wipe with a special microfiber cloth. Microfibers are designed to pick up even the smallest particles of dirt. Paper products – such as paper towels, napkins or toilet paper – have tiny rough surfaces that may scratch lenses. Using a person’s shirt may transfer dirt or bacteria from the shirt onto the lens, and therefore close to the eye.

2. Use a lens cleaner. The chemicals in our office’s lens cleaner are mild and have been specially formulated for glasses use. Other cleaners – such as kitchen cleaners or detergents – may destroy a lens’s anti-reflective coating or create residue.

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 3.Keep glasses away from little hands. Around the age of six months or one, babies develop depth perception. When they are sitting in a loved one’s lap, they tend to grab items of three dimension – like hats, glasses, and/or large pieces of jewelry. While it is important to encourage learning and curiosity, little hands can cause big damage to frames and temples.

 4. Keep glasses in their case – not on a nightstand or in a back pocket or hooked to the collar of a shirt. No matter the time of day or night, forgetfulness occurs. Glasses tend to end up on the floor, and the impact may create scratches or loosen screws.

In summary, the best place for glasses is on a person’s face. Premier Eyes exists to help people see clearly and maintain optimal vision throughout their lives – so we want patients enjoy their experience of wearing glasses.


[Photo credit by Silhouette, 2012 stock photo]